Virginia Design Forum: An Architecture of Necessity

an architecture of necessity

march 19 + 20 :: 2010

richmond, virginia


Philip Freelon, FAIA, a recipient of the AIA Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Architecture in 2009, recently made news by being selected to be on the design team for the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. He is the keynote speaker. 


Julie Eizenberg, AIA

Julie Eizenberg, AIA is recognized for her expertise involving cities, nonprofit agencies, educational institutions, and private developers. Her Santa Monica firm, Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc., has achieved international acclaim for its ground-breaking work on housing and community-based projects.

Andrew Freear

Architecture professor Andrew Freear became director of Auburn University's Rural Studio after the death of its charismatic founder, Sambo Mockbee. Under his direction the studio shifted its focus from single-family dwellings to community structures.

Teddy Cruz, AIA

Teddy Cruz, AIA, internationally recognized San Diego–based architect researches and analyzes the urban transformation occurring on both sides of the border between the United States and Mexico.


Ned Cramer

Ned Cramer is Editor-in-Chief of Architect, Architectural Lighting, Eco-Structure, Metalmag and Pro AV magazines.


Design Forum IX is about redefining necessity in design and considering architecture as an instrument of change.

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